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SWIIS 2009

Supplementary Ways for Improving International Stability


Technology development leads to dramatic changes in international stability. One of the goals of this IFAC/SWIIS Workshop is to offer insights into mitigating unwanted side-effects of rapid development and to share methodologies for appropriate ways of managing the introduction to technologies which will alter social stability.  On the other side, globalisation represents a major social trend and its effects cannot be neglected, both in terms of the increasing complexity of the socio-economic processes and in those with regard to life quality. Another goal of the SWIIS workshop is to propose new approaches in dealing with globalisation effects, as studying complexity and knowledge management.

Meeting Topics include, but are not limited to:


  • Social Aspects of Technology
  • Managing the Introduction of Technological Change
  • Ethical Aspects of Technological Proliferation
  • Modeling Social Change Likely to Follow a New Technology
  • Case Studies of Technology Transfer and Social Change
  • Technology and Environmental Stability
  • Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Complexity modelling
  • Knowledge Management
  • Globalisation impact on International Stsbility
  • Knowledge Society vs. International Stability